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October 10, 2009


This long sweater is something my little girls would love to sport to school on our chilly New England winter days.

I'd never heard of this shop, Whitney. Thanks for the introduction.
As my boys get bigger and older, the hand-me-downs aren't in larger sizes. THe older you are here and the bigger you are, the slimmer the pickings! What a fun store. Thanks for making your web site fun as well as informative. I suppose if I had one day, had a girl, it would have been like thinking all along I was growing a lemon ;-)

I love Naartjie clothes and these pants are adorable - Thanks Whitney!

I love this top. My niece would look especially cute.

My sister and stepmom just went on a shopping spree at one of the Utah stores the other day. They were thrilled to find such a cute, fun store.

My son would love the Spikey Beanie in this outfit

My boys would LOVE this jacket! The lining is so cool!

My girls are all loving pairing pants with their favorite dresses. I think they would love this one:

I was surprised at how reasonable the prices are for such cute clothes. Thanks for the introduction to this shop!

I have a baby boy due in Jan. and I think this little outfit is so cute.

I think my youngest girl would look wonderful in this... in the radiant color and the suggested corduroy trimmed leggings!

so fun. I started my design business because it was hard for my friends to find affordable designers.

So DAPPER! My nephew would be the talk of the town.

Ava is such a lover of all things girlie and pink, so this would definitely be her new favorite dress:

What a fun store!

Oh how to decide! I love this company for its fun fashion...but EASY to play in clothing. A MUST for my kids:) This is probably my favorite right now...super versitile.

thanks so much! Hope they get a store near me soon! (utah)

For my preschooler -

And for my baby -

Actually its all really cute, and good prices too!

There is a Naartjie store in the Seattle area, and we have gotten several clothing items from them. We have never had any wardrobe malfunctions with this brand, as everything is excellent quality.

My favorite at the moment (though the more I see, the more I like) can be found at this link:

(It is the "essentials velvet trimmed button front tunic" - it is $11. $11!)

Im not sure if its the adorable outfits here......or little pumpkin cutie pies IN them! But I want my little guy in these clothes!!!

So many cute clothes!

love these mission to mars shirts- my boys love space- I think i'll have to get myself to natick to get one for each of my 3 boys-

I love this little vest. So cute for my little guys. I'd love one for both my 4 year old and my 1 year old.

It is so hard to choose they are all adorable.

Great stuff! I wish the sizes went into teen. I like this dress:

I love Naarjtie! This is my favorite of the boy stuff.

i love these shirts with the thermals under them--i actually love the vests too, but my boy is a no-nonsense kid and wouldn't leave anything but the essentials on. hence the reason for the thermal sleeves attached to the shirts!

I actually love this outfit and would get it in pink for my baby! The hat just makes me giggle. Naartjie is super cute and I love that it's distinctive and different from lots of other children's clothing stores.

What a wonderful store! It is so nice to see clothes designed for CHILDREN--fun, innocent, and practical. Years ago, I was a Baby Gap devotee, and then some group of buyers decided that toddlers should start dressing like teen-agers (who were trying to dress like pale imitations of street walkers). The clothing was totally inappropriate. Anyway, this is darling. Unfortunately, my daugher is beyond their size limits (or I would snatch this adorable cranberry dress), but I still have three boys... :-)

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