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June 17, 2010


Whitney, I don't know if you or Shawn selected the pictures for this post, but they're fabulous. I loved the idea of dreams I thought were Sleeping Beauties turning in to Cinderellas. I also appreciate that motherhood is what enabled/forced Shawn to develop her "real" dreams and talents, even while it felt like motherhood was really holding her back. I think that happens often--most of us just aren't self-aware enough to notice it. Thanks for a great post.

I just had this experience. I was working every day towards a dream that I didn't actually want. I was trying to get more and more business to support other people working for me.

One day I woke up and realised that if I just worked for myself, my real dream of making enough money to allow my family to travel every summer had already been reached.

It's amazing what the world makes you think your dreams are.

Shawn rocks - I am so glad you shared this!

So often we let others or the world tell us what our dreams are or should be and what will bring us happiness. I'm so glad that Shaun discovered that our validation doesn't need to come from the world--reminds me of a recent talk from Sis. Julie Beck seeking "appreciation and affirmation from the right sources".


We're dealing with something in our family right now where it turns out a dream held for more than 20 years, and now being lived, is not what it seemed. There is a palpable grieving process that is going on as that dream, despite being achieved, now has to be let go and - here's the hard part - a new dream created and pursued.

Shawn, thank you for reminding us that dreams can be fulfilled in different packaging, and sometimes, they are the wrong dream and something better needs to replace them.

Well, I still feel like you used to, like my dream is out there. And I am not living it. I'm sure what i'm doing is worthwhile (i.e. kids) but it sure isn't my dream life.

One thing I love about Shawn's new dreams is that they create space for others to pursue theirs. Shawn's dreams have created space for my family, and I'm grateful. In a similar way, I enjoy singing, and I used to think, I'd never want to be the choir director because then I couldn't get to sing, and that's what I love. (And to be really honest, I loved the pats I got for singing.) But I found when I became choir director that the reward for creating space for others to sing, and helping them sing as a unified group, was so much more satisfying and meaningful. I've since thought the same must be true about teaching. Once I thought I'd only want to be the learner, but now I think I could really take joy in teaching.

BTW, you should all go see Shawn's shows. They're fantastic.

Beautiful!! I've enjoyed Shawn's blog for some time now and am in awe of all that she does. I often wondered why she wasn't still modeling as she certainly could -- and now I know why - she has found her passion elsewhere...I admire her integrity in doing shows she can be proud of...

I think that it's fine to tweak a dream or even abandon one as long as we do so for something better. We often do not pursue a dream because we simply can't muster the emotional "chops," bravery, skills, etc. to get the thing done, and then chalk the failure up to, "Oh, I didn't want that dream anyway."

Love this post! Shawn echoes my experience in so many ways. I hope I can see one of your plays some day.

Shawn-This was a lovely condensed version of your amazing, productive and fun life. You just had your priorities in focus over time. You will always be the "beautiful Cinderella" to me and my most unforgettable onstage "star". Your wholesome, natural beauty and unbelievable talent has always and continues to be breathtaking. I'm honored to have known you "way back when" and wish like heck my showstopper granddaughter, Trinity, could attend your theatre summer camp! Big hug! Sheila Rhymes

Love you Sis....I'm proud of you!!!

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