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October 08, 2010


What is funny to me is that I never even considered myself an author until my now 10 year old daughter began publishing her poetry. Even now the title feels foreign. Maybe it's becasue my notion of a writer is the one who writes about the moors, or at least writes page turning novels.

My world of using development to foster learning and to understand complex issues like bullying just does not fit my stereotype of a writer. And yet, here I am...writing, and loving it! :) Sometimes our dreams just sneak up on us, I guess...

I love this post--so true!! My dream is genealogy, not writing, but I feel much the same way as Julie: I don't like the stress of meeting client deadlines, I don't like hours of combing through records when I don't find what I'm looking for, and I don't like the disorder it brings to my family life (I write reports amid mounds of laundry too!). I've wondered why I do it, and I've occasionally gone "on vacation" for a few months. But after stepping away from it for a while, I miss it and feel incomplete. And invariably, after the first day of resumed research, I wonder why on earth I ever stopped. Thank goodness my dream is one that allows me to stop and start as needed!

I love how the perfect moment for you is described. And how you appreciate this as a gift. Beautifully written. Congratulations!

I love your writing. Looking forward to Secondhand Charm!

Even the blog posts Julie writes are interesting. She just has a gift for words and I am so glad that she has many forums to share that gift.

Prioritizing is a constant challenge for me and Julie put my feelings into beautiful words here.

I love the imagery of a new idea being born on her side of the bed--piled with unfolded laundry. Thanks for keeping it real!

I suspect there is another reason you write--you are good at it! This doesn't negate the struggle with the mundane that goes into creation. Everyone (even the gifted) must work to bring talents to full fruition. However, there is elation in doing something (whatever it is) really, really well.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind and thoughtful comments. You're the reason why I always like to blog for Whitney. (She's the other reason. :)

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