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November 26, 2010


I like a lot of the items. My favorite is the ladybug bracelet. I like the story behind it too.

looking through your website and i was floored by how many of your items look like they could come right out of an anthropologie catalog (i am dying over the tablecloths in particular). what is so cool about purchasing these items is that it is an opportunity to help women in india by doing something that most of us like to do anyway (shop). you've got something really neat going on. i have been interested in doing something similar for women in afghanistan.....maybe we should swap notes because i haven't the foggiest idea on now get something like this off the ground! you've inspired me!

what a great post. i love the story behind it having grown up traveling outside the us I have such strong feelings about enabling people in developing parts of the world ot sustain themselves (especially through art)

Amazing stuff, all of it! And what a beautiful blog to accompany the website. I love that the stories are told so much through pictures, and that there's a background for the items on the website.

What a wonderful way to help someone support herself--by making it so easy for the rest of us to help!

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