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December 29, 2010


I'm there! I could really use a true grit transfusion where negotiating is concerned. Looking forward to seeing you on the 18th!

I probably can't get up there on a Tuesday evening from New York, but if you every do something in the New York area, I'd love to attend.

I overheard one teen-age son recommend this movie to the other. Maybe he'll want to let me come along. Thanks Rebecca and Whitney.

I have yet to see the movie, but I'd love to hear you speak in Boston. I'll have to seed what kind of schedule I've got that week.

Distance won't permit this now but I read the book and look forward to your post post.

I can't resist joining you on 1/18! Already signed up. And love the True Grit reference; great movie. Tweeting about 1/18 now b/c everyone should go --

My boys loved the movie, one of those you can watch over and over. They had many great things to say about that actress. My favorite negotiating contract involves responsibilities and privileges.

Sounds like a great event! Not sure if I can attend, but the book is definitely on my wish list. My life is just one negotiation after another! I'd love to learn how to do it all better.

When I was a practicing attorney, I realized that women (including me) are great at negotiating on behalf of others (clients, children, friends), but we are often terrible negotiators on our own behalf. Why do we feel apologetic for expecting what should be our due? This is a weakness of which I am aware, but I haven't found the solutions yet. I can't join you on the 18th. :-( (Husband and oldest daughter in Egypt, watching three little boys.) I'd love it if you would continue your occasional on-line tutorials on negotiating.

I think it's wonderful of you to promote this event so generously. I've found that as a working mother in a technical industry where your products/abilities sometimes exceed those of your male counterparts, I am constantly negotiating. However, I'm not sure about my success at it. I could use some new insight!

Sounds like an interesting event. I saw True Grit and it's great (and the original is in my Netflix queue).

Congrads on the book talk! Hailee holds herself together when faced with the Wild Wild West, I just love her character. Her verbal ability to take on the human nature and problem solving to take on the wild side of the land.

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