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January 22, 2011


Yes, I do.
And I came home from being with them tonight.

amen- I have been thinking on this too-I appreciate the special thing that emerges (and thankfully lingers in my consciousness) from talking and sharing and learning together.

Once upon a time I did...but these days it's more of a "here and there" ad hoc thing if I ever have a chance to enjoy a group of women. for example: studio night...those have been wonderful. also, we used to have a weekly scripture group that was quite edifying but disbanded a couple years ago.

now that we don't have the meeting formerly called homemaking or enrichment, i got nothin'. but it is a wonderful thing when this kind of experience comes together. happy for you!

Whitney--So sad to have missed your presentation. Sounds like it was very uplifting.

Wishing I could be closer to share!

Systergy - why haven't I met this word before!??

Elizabeth -

I made up the word systergy. It perfectly captures what happens here at dare to dream.

Amy -- I wish you were here too!

Margaret -- I missed that you were there, but just look at what you've created. It's pretty neat!

Blue - yes, I've participated in a studio night as well, they are amazing!

And Jenny -- so glad you have a wonderful salon-style group. We all need one!

Yes, gratefully. I have also been blessed with some wonderful male friends who also provide much needed support.

I seek connection with others who both ground me and inspire me -- which helps energize me as I go through my daily responsibilities.

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