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February 10, 2012


Such an inspiring story. Our young women need leadership like this... something i wish I would have had in my twenties. Thank you!

Thank you for telling your story, and providing leadership for other young women. I am grateful that my twenty year old daughter has role models like you.

What a great story.

It is so important that we share our stories for the next generation. I had someone introduce me to an intern who wants to be a creative director and wants to hear my story. And she looked up at me with these eager eyes and all I could think was..."where do I start?"

Love you, Whitney!

Authenticity in the workplace is what so many crave ... thank you for refusing to compromise for out of touch advice and thank you for creating a platform for mentoring that continues to provide such quality leadership for our next generation of status-quo changers. Can't wait to witness the inspiration come to fruition in my own daughter. Much love to you Whitney.


You are such an inspiration to so many young women. NEXT for
Woman is not the only way you've shown your commitment to the career success of millennial females but it sure is an extraordinary example of how one brilliant and insightful woman can make a difference for so many.
You rock,

Awesome read. I went through the exact same situation(s) and it is why I am now a personal growth coach and why I want to make more impact with HS teen girls so that they are BETTER prepared for these situations before they even hit college.

When I was on the fast track at my Fortune 500 company, I was told that until I had a ring on my finger, I was married and had a few kids... I wouldn't be taken seriously by my management team. I was so unprepared for that comment. I was the #1 rep, I worked harder than anyone, I paid my dues, I did it all... and then I got to the same level as "them" and the glass ceiling hit.

I had no idea what to do at the time, at a mere 25. So I hired a coach, and the experience changed my life so much that I made it my personal mission to move forward helping other young women and professional women to see their YOUniqueness so they could make the professional and personal impact they wanted in this world.

I am going to start a HS Teen Summercamp. I will check out Next For Women and see how we can plug this into what the girls learn or as a resource in their journey. Hope to connect!!! Best, Alicia

Your story hits so close to home as I too have recently started my career and have asked myself so many of the same questions. I constantly reference the Next for Women website for encouragement, guidance, and answers to my most difficult work-related questions. Thank you!

Great post and great comments! You are doing much good!

I am totally wowed by this story and you..I connect with it on sooo many levels, and LOVE what you are doing to empower other young women..........and I am even more bummed I am not meeting you tonite with Megan, an amazing woman, who has gifted my life... I just am blown away by what you share much synergy on so many levels............the good you are doing, I cannot even begin to describe!

I love knowing that perfect women are not just born. That a geeky girl can grow up, struggle, and decide to use it to help other people. I can so relate to the woman behind the curtain. And I adore NEXT.

Colleagues, friends, and strangers - thank you for the tremendous feedback here on Dare To Dream, on Twitter, on Facebook, and Email.

I Dared To Dream. Then I "did". And this blog provided a forum for me to share it all with you. How invigorating to step away from the business speak of everyday and articulate the real story behind NEXT for Women!

Um, WOW. So glad to hear about this. One of my passions over the years has been to mentor young women. I will definitely be letting people know about this.

I especially love that you make information available to "young women regardless of educational background, location, or income."

Again, WOW.

kudos to you whitney at NEXT for the intelligence,imagination, creativity and community orientation to envision, then create this wonderful informative site for young women and to you whitney at DARE To DREAM for your lucid presentation of whitneys story and an "older woman" I enjoy seeing the power of networking to help young women visualize "the possiblities" of a career that provides sustanance and joy.

I think the piece that hit home for me personally was not having parents who had relevant advice. I was the first college grad in my family and my mother had primarily been a stay at home mom. I had a few bosses (male!) that took me under their wing and that's the main reason I've gotten as far as I have.

Although I know about NEXT, it's great to hear what brought you to this point.

Thank you for sharing the inspiration! Whitney is such an incredible resource for women who are seeking personal and professional growth. I'm looking forward to witnessing the impact that NEXT for Women has on this and future generations of female leaders.

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