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January 05, 2007


I've started a website and program based on exactly what you're talking about in this post. Embracing the fact that you're the hero of your own story can be a powerful thing.

Having worked at a summer camp, there's an emphasis on the hero's journey of a camp counselor on my blog right now, but I'd love to see people adding their own journeys.

Matt --

Thank you for your comments.

I took a look at your website, and really like that you are working to help people see themselves as the hero of their story (

I also liked appreciated your comment that a woman's journey, while essentially the same, does have differences.

Best wishes to you!

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I just found this post today. I had not thought of my life in these terms before, but it certainly makes sense to me. I am currently "on" my journey, and have been for about 8 years. I'm an American who has been living outside the U.S. (I'm on my 3rd continent) and along with the wonderful discoveries and lessons, there are a lot of struggles (both practical and personal). And of course I am a very different person than I was when this journey started.

Will I use my experiences and the acquired skills and knowledge of my "new self" to make a difference? I have some ideas but they involve a departure from a successful career, a leap of faith, and not a lot of understanding from loved ones. Despite that, I'm thankful for the gift of time to find out. I really want to be the hero and feel increasing pressure to "do something" with all I've learned.

Thanks again for the thoughts and I'm enjoying discovering your blog.

Dear Jill --

I appreciate your sharing your thoughts about your journey.

Something you said that I think will be most encouraging to 'dare to dream' readers which is that 'making a difference' requires a lot of courage because it may mean leaving a very comfortable place, not only for you, but for others. With that kind of resistance, you have to have tremendous resolve. But when you risk big, you 'make a difference' big!

Best wishes -


Hey, interesting site. Have spent some time going through it and I think there are some interesting synergies between what you are doing and what we at have gotten out to do.

I would very much like to contact you and see perhaps if there is room for some creative projects together given some very complimentary approaches and audiences


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