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January 21, 2007


This is an important post...especially in the lives of women. I have noticed in my interactions with women both in professional and personal capacities that we have incredible abilities to nurture and share with each other. At the same time, we also have an incredible power to be destructive, jealous, and "catty" with each other. I think dealing with each personal or professional interaction from a place of "bounty" or abundance is essential not only to our own growth and development and healthy perspective, but also strengthens all of us (women and men). It is such the "natural woman" mentality to think in terms of "limited supply" when the reality is that there is enough and plenty to spare. As I have put this into practice in my own life I have been amazed at the opportunities that have been presented to me and to others. The little effort I exert to act out of abundance always returns ten fold and in ways that I least expect. I am still learning and refining this process in my own life but I have at least recognized that the true gift of acting out of abundance is that I honor the best in myself and am true to the goodness inside of me. Thanks for bringing up this subject! I hope to incorporate more of this attitude into my way of living moment by moment.

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