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February 16, 2007


After reading the first couple of sentences of your post I was hoping you were going to bring up the Hero's Journey. There aren't many people who know the end point of their journey so not reaching your dream is not the end, by any means. As you say, that failure can be simply a step along the Path of Trials or act as a Call to Adventure.

I had a similar experience to you in applying for jobs recently. I was excited about the prospect of a few jobs - these companies had actually contacted me to ask me to apply. However, I didn't hear back from one, got a phone interview and then no response from another, and then two who decided to go a different route. If I had any of those jobs now I wouldn't be running my own business and getting such satisfaction.

Matt -- thank you for sharing this experience. From what I've observed, you are walking the talk when it comes to the hero's journey!

Thanks for following up on my question.
When you ask questions at the end of your post, are those just things to think about or would you like people to post answers?

Vanessa asked, "are the questions at the end of each post, thought questions, or would I like people to respond?".

Yes and yes.

My hope is that these questions really make each of us think, and as we think and analyze, there will be thoughts we won't want to share in this forum.

I also hope that this blog will come to feel safe enough that women will not only feel comfortable agreeing or disagreeing with me or one another, we will also brainstorm around our dreams, and especially encourage one another as we dare to dream.

As we create an on-line community of sister dreamers, we will experience systergy, and what marvelous things we will accomplish.

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  • When I took a sabbatical from Wall Street to pursue a different dream and help others live theirs, I learned that women in the U.S. may be placated, even pampered, but because we aren't dreaming, we are also desperate and depressed. Drawing on a variety of sources, ranging from academic studies to pop culture, dare to dream encourages us to dream. And then to act on our dreams.


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