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April 05, 2007


I wish we could get girls to pursue excellence instead of perfection.

Perfection is a shrinking box.

You have to be liked by everybody. You cannot make mistakes.

How can you 1) explore new territory, or b) take risks - if you value perfection?

An update.

Sara Rimer's article is the most e-mailed NY Times article in the last 7 days, while Judith Warner's NY Times column on said topic is the 6th most linked to article by bloggers. Here's the link.

I've also included a blog entry from Amanda Dickson, a lovely woman I met out west earlier this month.

Before I move on to another topic on Monday, let me conclude with an idea I touched on only briefly in the blog postscript.

IF we change the standard by which we measure ourselves (meaning if we, the mothers, will allow ourselves to imagine and really explore, taking risks as Alison suggests in her comment), will our daughters' perfectionism begin to melt away?

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