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June 28, 2007


Thanks Whitney. Many things are forgotten is the rush of daily life. This song made me stop and think how blessed I am.

Sorry I got lost in a song to dream by and placed the comment on the wrong post. By the way do you have time for lunch in August?

I have found that having lunch with a friend, client or potential business partner is the most effective way to nurture and grow the relationship.

By the way, Whitney, we have a pending lunch to schedule.

Yes, let's do lunch.

Pat -- I'm around all of August. I'll e-mail you off-line and let's set a date.

Anna -- Yes, I'll e-mail you off-line as well. It was so fun catching up a few months ago, but it was cold then, so too long ago!



It is strange to think we have never done lunch. Even more strange to think we have never met in person especially since we work together on Know Your Neighbor. But you are inspiring me none-the-less to launch my blog and other ideas.

Loved this post that led me to the "Ladies Who Launch" website. I requested more information about the St. Louis group.

Wow, what "systergy" there is out there I never knew about. Thank you for linking me to this new world of women go-getters! I feel with the help of others my dreams will become reality!

We are way overdue for lunch!

Your friend and fan in St. Louis,

I very much enjoy our lunch dates, I agree with you that the term needs a new definition.

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