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July 02, 2007


So does this mean you have decided to buy an iPhone?

I did, but am going to have to return it. To activate the phone, I would have to give up the JP Morgan discount we get on our service. On top of the $600 for the phone and $20/month additional for a 2nd rate data service (doesn't work with Cingular's 3G network), this was just too much. Will wait until they change their policy or for somebody else to come out with a copycat model. Oh well.

Ok, help me here...what's an iphone? What happened to palm pilots?

I can tell you what happened to mine. I got one for Christmas one year when they were popular and promptly returned it. It turned out to be too much work!

A friend of mine working at Stephen Covey did research on the palm pilot and found it actually did not save time compared to old fashioned paper-planners.

I already had my own evidence from personal experience.

But what is the iphone? I would really like to know if it saves time and hassles. I would like to see studies on this. Or is it just another toy for the boys?

I know a man who has one of these organizing devices, I think - "think" -surgically imbedded in his hand. He was looking for a location and pulling up a map... I guess that is what it was. I pointed out that we had already arrived at our destination. He said, "no wait I am finding it." I said, "look up, it's already found, see right there." But no, he had to find it in his hand first!

Scary world this is.

Ok, I do admit there are times I am frustrated I don't know how to use technology that would save me time and energy.

But my question is, what items would truly save me time? I need evidence.

I would love for Organize Magazine to help me understand what technology devices are worth my taking time to learn.

I also would like to know how to avoid surgery, like my friend.

Ok, I will learn, promise...but what should I learn?

Dana, Mike thank you for your comments!

Mike; I look forward to hearing about your experience with your newly purchased iPhone; and appreciate your comment to me that it is a bit of a generalization to assume that all men are tech savvy, all women aren't. I know, I know. But, it tends to be easier to traffic in generalizations -- hear from you, dear readers, about the exceptions.

Dana: Is the iPhone a boy-toy? Well, that's precisely what I'm trying to determine. Certainly my husband is keen on buying one, and my 10 year-old son is now making the case as to why he needs iPhone because a simple cell phone is sub-par (never mind that he won't even be getting any type of phone for another few years).

As for your suggestion about an issue of Organize Magazine devoted to technology-related inventions that women will be keen on -- and some type of basic primer -- would be quite welcome!

Finally, what's your baby technology step? Your blog, of course. Looking forward to August 15!

My best to both of you --



The funny thing about your post is that I read up until the last line before your embedded photo--- "Question: how many women do you see waiting in line for the iPhone? Exactly." And I thought you were done, and made your point.

That question was answered and I think you save me hundreds of hours realizing that men are the majority of technology lovers, just like tools and home improvement stores. You don't see many women standing in line because they were all getting ready for the 4th of July sales-- now that's their kind of event. I wonder if you grabbed a picture of the Black Friday sales... who is in line? Women? Probably.

However, when it comes to iPhone, it's more of a fad, with an emphasis on the early adoptors. That's who wants one. I suppose if you went to an area of the country where there were more engineers who were women, you'd find some standing in line.

Maybe I am all wrong about this, and 4th of July fireworks have gotten to my head.

- John

John --

When I went to respond to your comment, I found an entry on your blog which I think is relevant to our exchange (see link below)

Is the TouchSmart computer something that would really help you organize your life vs. the iPhone?

And more generally, lest I pretend to become an organizer which I SO am not, what technologies help women get the jobs done that we want done?

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