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July 31, 2007


Well, it's over a year since you've posted this, but I wanted to discuss it with you anyway. I was under the impression, strongly presented by a number of reliable resources, that Psyche's third task was to retrieve an artefact from the Underworld. I was further under the impression that the artefact was Persephone's own chest of beauty, cognate with Pandora's infamous Box. Since I know my understanding of the tale is valid, and because I feel that your understanding is equally valid, I have only one pertinent question: Who is/are your source(s) for this telling? (Because, you see, I'm always looking to expand my understanding of women's roles in mythology and religion.)

I don't believe that the two tellings are irreconcilable, especially in light of your interpretation above. I do think that the journey into the underworld is a little more, shall we say potent? (Well, for me it is, and mythology is so personal.)

Anyway, let me know, okay?

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