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November 21, 2007


I loved this post. Grateful. What a wonderful word.

The comment that society encourages us to be depressed and desperate because we are dissatisfied is just sad. Wouldn't it be lovely to hear our leader, much like President Clinton did during the early days of his term in office, tell us that everything was and is good. We can succeed and the American dream is alive. I have always felt that it was a self full filling prophecy. It worked in much the same way that President Bush's statement that people in America are poor and "hurting". Both were small seeds that were planted and grew to be true.

I really think that all we need is hope. Plant a seed, Whitney, if you can. I will do the same! Humans, being what they are, will make it come true.


It's inspiration to show us way a long , long way,
May every one success.
tracy ho

great post! (and it's sweet to find another earth, wind & fire fan - my fave is 'september' but i'll be checking out yours). warmly, -melanie-

I love the post and I am GRATEFUL for you and our friendship!

Love it is great, hope to read more of it,

Thank you

Tracy Ho

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