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January 04, 2008


Great things you have done , but I wonder I will do it , as if I had appointment my kids just let it be . What does this mean ? They don't need me to be around ?

All the best,

Tracy Ho

your children are so lucky. most parents would have gone but felt guilty the entire time. what an example!

found your blog from a post on swallowfield

It's always a balance. There are times when you simply cannot bring the children along. However, if there are enough times when you have a choice and you make the choice in their favor, then they will understand that you still love them even when you can't include them.

I have made a habit of bringing one of my children with me to events like the symphony, opera, or ballet. I figure I am training them to appreciate some of the same things that I do so that I will like my children when they grow up! :-)

I am not married and have no children; however, this post deeply resonates with me. Up until recently, the idea of balancing the development of a happy family and a successful business seemed impossible. But, as I have learned, dreams have a way of teaching you what is possible (not impossible).

As I began dreaming about Mind Full Tutors last year, I started visualizing ways that the business could help me connect with and nurture my future family. These ruminations gave way to dreams of starting a foundation offshoot of my company in which my future husband, our children and I will engage meaningful educational projects and community building activities.

It has been essential for me to consider ways that my business and related activities will enrich the connection between me and husband and children. With this part of the dream in mind, I believe I am moving towards true fulfillment.

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