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February 04, 2008


Very well put Whitney. The mixing of religion and government is indeed a double edged sword. Our president must serve the needs of all people, even those that do not accept or even disdain their beliefs. But being a good, honest, caring man can never be a bad thing. I do think he would be a very good president. I am sure that he, like every politician, realizes that compromise is necessary. That is always a problem. I will, in fact, vote for Hillary (in spite of earlier misgivings). It should be a very interesting few months. May a good, honest and caring individual win. Oh, and please let them be really, really smart.

Best wishes.


I, as a Latina Conservative, am enjoying this interesting race. Unlike what the press would have you believe, there is a lot of Latinos who are conservative. The liberal ones are the so-called "leaders" and like African-Americans who say that Jessie Jackson does not speak for them, Latinos aren't always Liberal and aren't always "pro-amnesty". We are in fact social conservatives. President Bush did well with us because of his social values. Unfortunately, the War affects our demographics disproportionately, so we will have to see if that drives Latinos to Hillary or Obama.
As for myself, I could not be more repulsed by Hillary. If you read her body of work, she truly believes that the government, "the village" and all other non-family, non-secular bodies know more than the parents at home. That is not only "communist" in nature. It is really scary to me. God Bless America. c

I loved seeing this piece in the Boston Globe Op-Ed. Congratulations.


It takes courage to share our thoughts, convictions and story - so thank you for having courage!

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