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March 02, 2008


I have been thinking a lot about this post and here is what I have landed on. I think the phrase: get in the game, is a call to action but it also prevents Monday morning "quarterbacking". What I mean by that is that participants have a different perspective than fans and gaining that new viewpoint has a return on investment. In addition, participants are less likely to be critical of other participants because they can see nuances of the game that are unable to be seen from a fan perspective.
Sometimes you don't know what the battle is over because you have not been invited to play in that game - now that game can take place in a boardroom or a field but either way, you need to be asked/invited to participate - which is another matter entirely.
So to sum up my rambling thoughts, if you are invited and able to play - join in, gain a new perspective and then decide your next course of action (to step out and: cheer? coach? watch? commentate? etc.)
Great post!

Stacey --

You have given me a lot to think about. This is really great -- thank you!


Stacey -- great article! I wanted to add something to your comment back to Whitney, though. You said you need to be invited to play the game, to participate.

As a person who grew up rural with no neighbors and no siblings close to me in age, I have to tell you....Some of us have to *learn* to be the ones to ask to be included and to participate!

So, I'd say if any of you reading this is a wallflower that wants to get in the game, but no one seems to notice you over on the sidelines, gather up your courage for that scary but casual question, "Hey! Can I play, too!"

Great post , enjoy the fact of it ,

Thanks ,

Tracy Ho

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