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March 30, 2008


Congratulations! These are adorable... The best part is that you had the courage to take action...atta girl!


Congrats. Your darling animals are worthy of promotion...I will feature on my blog soon.
Have you considered opening an etsy shop to promote them. It is an inexpensive way to build a pressence on the web and learn from other crafters how to promote your products. check out the etsy community at Crafts and expecially felt, as you may know, are so big right now.
Other marketing ideas. You might donate to charity, like Habitat for Humanity. Decorate a children's room with your designs and invite the local mags and papers. Share your crafts with after school programs...some kind of outreach in the community either online or in your community is a great way to communicate your offering. Feel free to contact me to bounce around ideas.
All the best, Dana

You are great and this was an inspiring article...I sent it off to my friends that are crafty and also all my friends who have new grand children...something fun for a grandma to do for her wee ones...
Love it that you are following a dream!

It takes GUTS to pursue 'the dream.'
Atta girl Jess!

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