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March 26, 2008


You're on to something here. The judges often complain that contestants become one-dimensional. When Amanda was eliminated for basically singing in the same style every week, I wonder if Brooke got nervous that she could fall into the same trap. So she tried dancing and singing when she performed "Here Comes the Sun" just to try something different. And she was obviously uncomfortable and at some points it got difficult to watch. She was a little closer to herself this last week, but when the band came in with her it didn't seem as authentically Brooke anymore. I hope she gets back to being herself next week. I think if you are going to go into a competition like this, you should be yourself as much as possible and if you get voted out at least it was being yourself and on your own terms. That's easy to say watching from my couch though. :) (And thanks for linking to my blog!)

I agree about Brooke White's last couple of performances. In one of your archived blogs, Roger told you to "trust your gut", and I think Brooke could use the same advice.

I really enjoyed this, I completely agree with what you said about Women listening to people to much then trusting themselves. That's really what I needed to hear right now. Thank you!

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