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May 23, 2008


I suppose that there are a great many of us who recognize we're uncomfortable in a given situation, but don't realize until later that it's actually anger. Learning to identify our emotions is a healthy thing, though it can be a lengthy process for some of us. Sometimes we've suppressed them all for so long that we forget what they are. I know I always have to think really hard to get beyond "it's good," or "it's bad." Guess I have some work to do.

I did find this very interesting. Now I, personally, think that we need to be sure that we stick to the "subject" when we are angry. Define what is bothering us and then only, only, only deal with that one thing. Rage that give us permission to be out of control in any situation is not and never will be a good solution to any problem. In the work world that is where the "b" word comes out.

I do not want to be a man ever. I think that women have a much better handle on how to deal with what we don't like. :)


i once read (forgive me because i cannot remember the book title or author) that we often mistake anger for an incorrect emotion. the author states, however, that being angry is not incorrect, that every emotion is healthy and normal, including anger. it's what we do with that anger that makes it unhealthy or not.

i've always appreciated knowing that i can give myself permission to be angry about something instead of keeping it bottled up and like you are saying, have it turn into rage.

the buddhists teach that one should feel emotion (in this case anger) to its fullest extent, just like filling up a balloon (i.e. allowing yourself to feel it, talking to those you feel it toward, having a good cry about it). once the balloon is full, tie it up, release it and let it go forever.

I personally do not believe that anger is certainly is a result of another emotion that we have been unable to express or communicate in a healthy way......once we have reached the anger stage...we don't usually express ourselves well and we hurt others and things in the loose the spirit when you are angry...and cannot behave one can make us feel a certain way...just because you feel a certain way doesn't make it right...we can admit to ourselves that we are upset or frustrated...then find healthy ways to resolve those issues and peacefully communicate our fears so that our relationships move forward and become helpful not hurtful...

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