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July 12, 2008


1) What strikes me is the extreme inequity of the thought that men never ask themselves, "How can I live my professional dream after I become a father?" From my way of thinking motherhood equals fatherhood, so why the difference?

2) I love this: "I find that in letting them [my children] be my focus, I like myself better and trust myself more." It gives me hope that having children builds confidence and strength, and gives you more "unto yourself."

Great Post Rebecca! I also learned several new things about you...

I am interested in learning more about how "rightsizing" effects more than just you. Perhaps when you return, you could share more about how your partnership is constructed with "L" around parenting and supporting each other in achieving your dreams...

When my children were young I chose to be a "career mom". Eventually my acting dreams took the shape of an "acting hobby". Now as I do my TV show I think how perfect the timing is, I really would not have been ready any earlier.

I've been thinking about this post quite a bit. I still don't know that I have an application for myself yet. I found my career on the way to my actual dream of becoming a mother. The dream of motherhood was my dream deferred for many, many years. I worked very hard to enjoy my career in the meantime. Now that I am home raising my son, I am having a difficult time deciding how and even if my career has a place in all of this now.

Still thinking. And I will start my journal again as well. I know that will help me. Great suggestion.

I think Macy unwittingly brings up the point that dreams are not exclusively career-oriented. All dreams - no matter the "flavor" - take time, focus, and courage. Thanks for that reminder... :)

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