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September 17, 2008


What a great interview! Maria's right--you are always so inspiring.

You are an amazing teacher!


Hearing a voice and seeing a face adds a new level to the quality of you words. I am coming to understand Psyche more each time I read about her.

The next time you are asked to do a piece like this do not hesitate or be fearful. Your courage needs to be the inspiration for women that listen to your words.


Congratulations! You did a great job and it was wonderful to hear you speak about these things in addition to your writing.

As I've told you before - you sell yourself short ; ) The message that you're delivering is too important, so I'm glad you overcame the fear.

The question I have is - will it actually be easier next time? Or will you simply check it off your "list" and not be as eager to continue overcoming the fear?

It was such a treat for me, having you on the show! Thank you for doing it. Would love to have you again, anytime you are in Salt Lake City. And, I just noticed that your segment is among the "Most Popular" items on the whole KJZZ website.

Yes, yes I'm always looking for good content. Anyone with ideas for home and family, who would like to come on the show.

What a fun interview that was! I love the dare to dream concept, of moving to the center of your own story, of dating dreams - trying them on.

GREAT JOB on your TV interview. If you stumbled, no one noticed it.

You looked like you've been doing this your whole life. Defining and articulating an important (not urgent) vision, and advocating for it persuasively, is one of your many superpowers. Don't stop. Brava!

Wonderful Whitney! I hope more people now understand what an amazing inspiration you are to so many people!

Outstanding! You were poised and articulate. When do you start your own talk show? :-)

I applaud you for taking the opportunity that was handed to you despite your fears. I will remember this the next time someone hands me an opportunity.

I am so proud of you for facing your fears and sharing your message! I personally found it refreshing to learn that you have fears, since I think you are one of the most amazing, confident women I know. Learning of your struggle makes me feel like maybe "little old me" can still grow up to be like you. Keep up the good work!

whitney you did wonderfully!

i most especially loved your closing comment about sept 11 and having hope.

lately i have been feeling like hope is really the only thing that will keep me dreaming. life often challenges our dreams and the day to day can get in the way of making progress- and it's hope that keeps me moving forward through it all.

i hope to see you on more shows in the future!

love peggy

It was great to watch you. You seem like a natural--had excellent (but sufficiently brief) talking points regarding DTD and were also able to inspire. Never be apprehensive about a television appearance again!

Whitney, you were amazing! (and you looked FABULOUS too!) I am especially impressed by the way you were able to concisely articulate the ideas that are Dare to Dream. It's not easy to sum it all up in a few talking points, but you did it masterfully! Well done!

WHITNEY. WOW. I sat and watched in awe. You're so eloquent and you look incredible. Amazing job, good for you for facing a fear and winning! I love the closing, we need to dare to dream and hang onto hope.
Loved it!

FABULOUS Whitney!! I love every word that comes out of Clayton Christensen's mouth and I should have known you Bostonians are connected-- Jane Clayson included.

You looked so put-together and not at all scared-- and your thoughts were coherent and significant. Your Dare to Dream reminds me of what our dad always said, "If you don't build castles in the air, you'll never build them anywhere!"

Keep building those castles and helping others to do the same!

Congratulations! Pretty exciting.

I'm so impressed that you could look so calm and collected on the show. You looked great! And you sounded great, too, of course. I love the dare to dream message. P.S. My husband also thinks you did a great job.

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