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September 28, 2008


Whitney, thanks for such heartfelt and intelligent entries that inspire conversation, thinking, questioning, humility, leadership, caring, and dreaming of new possibilities.

Thanks for helping me take a second look at my life and realize that even the simple, seemingly mundane things are really meaningful and important. You are great!

Whitney, thanks for giving voice to and bringing together so many amazing women.

I would like to meet them all. We should plan a trip somewhere, someday.

Just a few comments on the comments:

1) I think Erinn makes a strong point regarding feeling threatened by women who own their choices. I know that qualities that bother me in others are often a shade of something I struggle with.
2) Margaret W. B.'s comment regarding making room to dream, despite current circumstances, is brilliant. How do women with children find the time/energy to do so? My ambition has me standing on the sidelines of marriage and children because I fear my dream will not come with me if I jump into that game.
3) Another recommended positive book for girls is Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry.

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  • When I took a sabbatical from Wall Street to pursue a different dream and help others live theirs, I learned that women in the U.S. may be placated, even pampered, but because we aren't dreaming, we are also desperate and depressed. Drawing on a variety of sources, ranging from academic studies to pop culture, dare to dream encourages us to dream. And then to act on our dreams.


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