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October 02, 2008


When my son was working in Saudi Arabia his wife would tell of going through customs as they returned to the country. Women would dawn their abiyas and veils on the plane. Then they would proceed to transform into entirely different women. The thing she always remarked on was how mean they were to each other.


I like Oprah, but I confess that her magazine makes me nervous. Sometimes the message is so focused on "me" that it drowns out decisions based both on principle and morality. To be a fully realized being requires a balance between serving others and filling one's own vessel. Sometimes Oprah's magazine errs in favor of the latter. The justification for any decision often seems to be whether or not it brings short-term satisfaction, regardless of long-term ramifications or ultimate happiness. (I confess that I deeply distrust "life coach" Martha Beck, which increases my skepticism towards the entire magazine.)

Jeff Jacoby is one of the few bright spots at the Globe. I discontinued my subscription last spring, because the quality of the paper had declined precipitously and because I was so weary of (a) inaccurate portrayals of Mormons and (b) the overwhelmingly liberal slant of the paper on social issues. I was tired of supporting something so antithetical to my belief system, so I decided I wouldn't any longer!

Oprah embodies the paradox of what it takes to be a successful woman - she is assertive and compassionate. She stands as an individual and connects to others. She speaks and she listens. Like Whitney, she moves forward but brings along anyone else who wishes to join her on the journey.

And that's the key - bringing others along. I think this is the quality that resonates with most women.

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