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December 28, 2008


I have gotten a few comments from friends and family. Bring them 'on now -- so that I can tweak, if and when appropriate, between now and January 5.

1. A few have suggested 15 min of scripture/meditation/contemplating the beautiful or divine.

One possibility would be to do this as part of your 15 minutes just for you - a means of re-energizing, focusing on our relationship with our God. If that still isn't working, let me know, and we'll look at making this a wild card one week.

2. The "Atta Girl" got a few comments. I want as one friend said for us to "enjoy the process of creating our selves".

However, another friend wrote "having one's self-worth be completely self-referential can be really self-defeating when that self-worth is battered." Sometimes reaffirming or validating one's status within the web of existence can be very helpful." She's right; I'll adjust.

Thanks you friends!

I'm in!

I'm in too! :) hope the holidays were wonderful for you guys!

Just what I need. Count me in....and Thanks!!!

Count me in!

I'm so glad you're back! I'm determining my participatory commitment - so I'll get back to you on this - but Happy New Years!

I'm in, this might be just what I need to get me back on track!

Wow. What a great program! And a fab blog, too... I'm glad I found you! And I'm going to give the RC a try... I'll have to print it out and hang it on my mirror, or I might get overwhelmed by the forgetting. It's good stuff. Thanks.

I'm in. I have two weddings this spring/summer...this may be a good kickstart!

Love this Whitney, thank you for the invite!
I'm IN!

I came to this very round-about... but I'm in!!! Thanks!

Whitney - I'm in!

Not sure if this counts as part of "15 minutes for yourself" but for those of us singles that find running to Whole Foods for lunch and dinner instead of cooking a meal from a recipe (Microwave Mac & Cheez, although lovely, does not count) and sitting down and enjoying it - that is something I find I need to do more. To make the time to care more about the fuel I'm putting in the machine that is me.

Is there a wild card for week 2?

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