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March 29, 2009


Okay, I love, love, love this analogy! That's my new nickname: Lego. I think it perfectly describes some of us behind the scene-ers that do help fit the pieces together. Great post. It would make for an interesting interview. I'm recommending you on my blog as my personal coach!

I think Battier's role is like the best leaders; they make things better while no-one notices what they do.

Wonderful and VERY intriguing... this ought to make the rest of us feel more like super stars. Because don't we have that quiet influence in our daily lives--being able to make the 'players' around us perform better because of a simple act or a kind word, or calming the fires of the adversary, by speaking out against the things that oppose? Whitney, this was fascinating.

Whitney, I like the question concerning does he ever want to stand out..Most of us have a quiet, significant impact on the lives of others - sure, they are just our family members, work colleagues etc. - and we don't want to deal with the brou-ha-ha that those in the public eye must deal with. That being said, though, I believe that we should take ownership of those occasional "I want to be recognized as something special" feelings. When we should tell our spouse or sibling or child that we need some TLC. After all, we spend so much time giving - all of us - that we ought to recognize that we need to be willing to receive too. And communicate that need!

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