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April 25, 2009



I was contemplating sending my husband and kids to Philadelphia this week. At the last minute I decided to GO with them. We all had a great time, but there will be other vacations that I send them off alone. Kudos.

Thank you very much for your post. I have often felt guilty at the thought of letting my kids and husband go on a vacation without me. I'm a better mom when I get down time. I've spent so much time making our house a home but rarely do I enjoy it because I'm always busy doing for others. I love the idea of asking for what I really want!

This is sooooo me! Thank you for reminding me I need a sacred hour to myself.

Love it, Janika! I just went on a VA- cation with all my family (all 28 of us) but now I am ready for a STAY-cation. Kudos for you for being bold enough to do it.

Oh and Janika, by the way, your thoughts about having a good idea, but never feeling like you have the time and energy to implement it--totally resonates with me. I love how you thought up the idea re: your town's Patriots Day celebration. What a great example!

Love the post Janika! It was great to see you at our Women's Conference as well. I think your stay-cation idea was brilliant and took courage. Rejuvination is an important part of maintaining sanity...

I just need everyone to go away so I can (find and) pay my bills...
crazy! I think I met you at ep's?
Great post.

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