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April 08, 2009


This post gave me a huge "aha" moment. I saw myself saying "but I don't have control over that", another way of having no hands.
Thank you so much for this priceless insight.

I loved this Whitney...I am living the classic battle with "the hands of time" and fighting that battle between what I feel and what I see. Mirrors are not my friend so I disdain them and opt for the mirrors of the soul. While I do that, I try to let younger people see that aging does not happen so much in our bodily self but in our mind.

In the end, like the handless maiden, we always must keep trying. When we cease trying life is indeed over.

I love talking about hands.
I need to find a poem that someone gave me; it's beautiful.
I used to look at my mother's hands, understanding why they were so weathered and worn looking, but I would say to myself "I won't have hands that look like that." Now I look at my hands and wonder, hopefully, if my hands are anywhere near the representation of work and love that my mother's hands are. I love looking at peoples' hands, because they are one (of many) door into the hallway of peoples' lives. A GREAT post! Thanks.

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