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April 18, 2009


My sister introduced me to the video clip of Susan just this past Friday. There have been a few Susans on that show judging from the youtube clips we subsequently watched. And now she is turning up on your Dare to Dream webpage. Janika's recounting of her friend seeking an internship was also very timely. Thanks.

Great post, Whitney...
I have watched Susan's performance several times and have cried every time. We need stories like this right now...
Thanks again!

Dare to dream is exactly what Susan Boyle has done. It seems to be a popular theme on Britain's Got Talent. Check out some of the old clips on YouTube. There was an opera singer two years ago (I think) who did the same sort of thing Boyle did.

This is the kind of thing American Idol should be. Does America get the Idol it wants? Or deserves? Does Simon know that appearance is the be all and end all in America? He'd be an interesting man to talk to.

Loved Janika's thoughts. Thanks for posting them.

Matt's comment got me thinking - I think American Idol is a different animal. The word "Idol" is a bit loaded. We don't expect our idols to always be vocally talented, but we do always expect an image. Sometimes we end up with the whole package (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson), but sometimes we don't. (I'd mention names, but I don't want your blog to get flamed by rabid fans that have Google Alerts set up.)

Unfortunately, because of shows like American Idol, we think that appearance and talent are inextricably linked. I think that's why someone like Susan is surprising to us at first. It's a horrible commentary on our society at large, but I think the discussion may make us aware of our reaction to appearance and I hope it makes us think twice the next time we run into a similar situation. When someone like Susan shows up on a show like Britain's Got Talent (or America's Got Talent), though judged at first by her appearance, when she starts to sing, you see that she belongs on the show.

And if you liked "I Dreamed a Dream," check out this recording she did for a charity several years ago.

I have never seen America's Got Talent, so I can't be sure, but what are the competitors like on that show? All image? Or are there some normal people that get through?

Have a look at Paul Potts. He's a Welsh mobile phone singer. At least, he was...

Our whole family is cheering. We're glad she gets to live her dream, and hope it ends up being all that she's dreamed about.

I was so moved by her performance and the shock of such a beautiful voice. I thought that maybe they had previewed her and she was one of those that they purposely send out. Nope. And the day that I heard her angelic voice was a day that I was so beat down myself that I couldn't control the emotions watching and more importantly listening to her. It was heaven sent. . . for me, anyway

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