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May 16, 2009


Good for you, Whitney! I was just thinking today how you & Design Mom would be a good connection. :) I wonder if Sheryl N. would write something... she'd be great!

Hello My Lovely Friend!

I would love to do a photo essay with a bit of writing to accompany it. I will not be able to meet the above deadlines with the current project that I am working on (because of a business trip and my last month of grad school) but would love to have you keep me in mind for after July regarding my "Leash" series? Wa Ca Say??!! You know I have "a story" in my images! ;)

However, now that I think about it... I just won an award for an image in my "Measuring Up" photo essay. Would you be interested in that? I could get that to you before the deadline. Let me know. It would be coming out in CMYK magazine about the same time (June 2009)...

LOVE YOU - LaNola Kathleen Stone

Wow! Exciting. You are amazing, and I love that you are such an advocate for finding your voice and living your dream. Baby steps for me...

Hello Whitney:

Sorry for missing the RSVP deadline. I was emailing with Christine Vick this morning and she suggested I visit and ask to be one of your June guests. (Christine and I worked together at the dearly departed Organize. I top edited its last 3 or 4 issues. Christine just published my essay "How Brad Pitt Convinced Me to Sell My Silver—and Simplify My Life" on Store & Style.) My blog is called Real Life Support for Moms ( Some of my essays are there now, some are at We could use something that exists or brainstorm for something new. I look forward to hearing from you. -- Melissa

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