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May 10, 2009


What a lovely day, and you made an even lovelier hostess! Thanks for taking the time to post all of these books... I so look forward to cramming my summer full of great reading!

There are very few gifts that are finer than a pile of books to read. Thanks, Whitney! One of my favorites would be in the YA section, Lirael by Garth Nix. It's a fantasy, and such fun!

Well, I wasn't at the luncheon -- but I wish I had been!!
These are fabulous recommendations. Thank you to all the women who contributed. Wonderful!

Wish I was in Boston so I could have attended! How fun! Would love to add two books to the mix: The Color of Water by James McBride and The Red Tent by Anita Diamant - also going to repost this on my blog as we were discussing books to read for the summer!

Thank you Whitney! This is WONDERFUL! I had written down some of the books, but not all. What a great list.

Super list! I have read many of them already, but I am always looking for good books to read. "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen is a fantastic book. Was my favorite read last year. Off to my bookclub right now!

I've only read three of them. Tell me more about The Book Thief, I like books that can change your life.

Matt --

In answer to your question, why 'The Book Thief', in the Resolutionary Challenge thread 'Great Reads and Why', Jenny wrote:

A FABULOUS story set during WWII about a young girl put into foster care, because her mother was unable to provide for her...the story has tragic undertones, but is very enlightening. Interestingly, the voice of the book is 'death,' which makes for a unique narrative. The girl's journey into young womanhood and how her love for reading and books gets her there makes for a lovely tale.

Jenny subsequently recommended 'The Book Thief' to a mutual friend whose 12 yr-old daughter whose grandmother recently died.

Just as books help Liesel on her hero's journey, Liesel's story helps us on ours.

Thanks, Whitney, for sharing this list! I've been trying to keep reading, but I don't have time to spend trying to find a good book in addition to reading it.

Emily--We had the entire 9th grade class read The Color of Water this year, inspired by you. It was such an interesting experience that I think most of them really appreciated.

What a wonderful lunch date. Thank you! After our conversation I went home and picked up The Book Thief again....just finished last night. Yes, the ending is amazing. The scene of the Jews marching through town needs to be put on the big screen; such a powerful, multi-faceted message. I also loved what literacy did for Liesel; what a gift!
I'm so glad you posted this list of books. I'm going to pass this along... :)

I could not help but thing of "My Antonia" by by Willa Cather. This book was a ground breaking piece of literature AND a wonderful read. I only read it this last winter and my friends are reading it for the second or third time. Just a suggestion!


thank you so much for putting this list out there. I wanted to tell you that I finally bought a copy of Julie Berry's Amaranth and my 10 year old daughter can't put it down. I would never have known about it without your Resolutionary Challenge. Hopefully, this will be THE book that propels my daughter into loving reading as much as I do. Thanks again & please pass this on to Julie. Atta Girl!

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