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June 23, 2009


emily i absolutely love this.

i had a favorite professor in university who taught social pschology. he liked to give us advice on life and use statistics to back himself up. i don't remember everything he said but one of his axioms that sticks out in my mind is:

"show up and good things happen."

he'd tell us, if you want to meet someone, you want a job, you want to run for office....the probablility of any of those things happening skyrockets when you just show up.

keep showing up for yourself and your dreams. something perfectly suited to your skills and interests will materialize (and be confident knowing that you have statistics on your side!).

i'm rooting for you emily.

Yes Emily I loved your idea of suiting up and showing up. So many just don't ever show up for their life. You are in the gathering skills and building networks part of your dream. Right now it doesn't seem quite right but over the years you will see the scaffolding that you put in place that allowed you to reach up and out. Good luck. One bit of advice: keep writing. You are very real in a place that doesn't always seem real.

I think you've done wonderfully! Being there is the best way to get noticed. It's the only way to get some of those jobs, and a suited-up person gets waaay more attention than any resume.

You go, girl!

We were actually just talking about this principle today in our faculty meeting. One of the community guidelines we are considering for all classrooms for next year is "to participate fully." Now I've known you since '99, and it's a rare day that you suit up, show up but don't participate fully. It just doesn't happen. If you are there, then you are right in the mix. This is by far one of the most important lessons I've learned from you--it took years of reconstructing my disjointed, disengaged upbringing to learn what it was to participate fully.

Keep on going--I know you'll get there. You know I'm rooting for you :) And one day you need to meet Silvia, Dan's sister, who is pursuing her dream of making films. . .

I like you! I applaud your stick-to-it-iveness and bravery. I echo Bonnie's thought: so many people can't even suit up for their own lives. You'll get there! Keep going~ and my best to you.

All we can do somedays is to get up and get dressed and KEEP GOING!
I believe there is a great deal to be gained by just "showing up" and being open for opportunity.

Half the battle is the attitude, and yours is definitely the right one. Good luck!

Oh Emily I am so impressed! Maybe with all the support we all feel towards you, this dream job will materialize sooner than later. There's something about bringing others in to your dream. Like the power of the fans who cheer their team to victory. Keep us posted!

I love that I am part of a 'dream team' - how cool is that!!!
If I could decribe Emily in three words it would be: Persistent, creative and caring.
Go get 'em girl!

no one can say what the path should be for another, and i'm certainly not doing that here. but one thought i had was that sometimes the path we hope and dream about, and think is right, that simply MUST be right, doesn't work out. and it seems terrible, horrible, no good and very bad to us. but in these times, other avenues become available that we'd never dreamed about...and ultimately, things just work out after all. not often how we thought they would. how we dreamed they would. how we thought was best for us. but we learn what we need to learn along the way, have experiences and opportunities we never considered before, and we can find joy in whatever journey we are on.

that said, it's far more likely to "happen" with a plucky, stick-to-it attitude like yours. Way to go!

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