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June 27, 2009


Holy cow; if you hadn't told your interesting birth story, I would think we were separated at birth. ALL of those things make me really happy except for the Bluetooth (don't have one) and Wyoming (never been there). And the movie Be Kind, Rewind is one of my favorites of all time. Thanks for this great catalog of reasons to choose happiness.

You've inspired me to give Wyoming a second chance. It was always the endlessly long state to drive through when trying to get somewhere else! I once worked with some Korean executives from Seoul who literally panicked when they encountered the wide, open, empty spaces of Wyoming and Utah. It was frightening to them not to have millions of people surrounding them at every turn. Oh, and I totally agree about baby snores--they are the best. Thanks for reminding me!

Lisle, I grew up in NW Colorado and often went to the vastness of Wyoming on hunting trips or camping trips. it wasn't that far. I may live in big cities now but i understand the "big sky" concept of states on the border of the Rocky Mountains and love the vastness of it! and glad to see what makes you happy!

I knew many of these Lisle happiness ingredients, but not all. It was a fun read:)
To address one of the concluding questions...My best days are spent doing what I love most. That said, a day of housework, which I don't love, but know is important feels satisfying in the end too. Some elements of our dream may not be easy or appealing, but when put into context they aren't so bad after all.

I love this, "It took a different path than the surrounding states, did what it was designed to do, and it's proud of that."

This is the essence of living authentically, and as such, living your dream. It's not always easy to do what you are made to do - it seems counterintuitive that it is difficult to just be you, but it is.

I am reminded of a verse in my favorite Mary Oliver poem, "Wild Geese," which reads:

"Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like wild geese, harsh and exciting-
over and over, announcing your place
in the family of things"

I relish the imagery of an element of the natural world, calling to me to my place, loudly with a lot of energy.

People always make comments about my home province, Saskatchewan, just like your Wyoming. Flat. Boring. Nothing to see. I beg to differ. Recently as I drove back by myself, I saw the strangest structure - someone had taken old furniture, stuffed bodies, and created a set. I howled as I drove by. Such a great sense of humor. I even turned around and came back again to have a really good look and see if I could guess what play it was. (I couldn't). The sky changes so quickly. The geese, the herds of antelope, the infrequent farms' embellishments on that bald prairie. It always touches me and stirs something - if I were metaphysical I would say it is in my genes. My people homesteaded that land. They came from Eastern Europe with dreams and just their clothes on their back. They opened up the west and tilled and worked their bones ragged.

Your ability to find happiness is a wonderful gift. If I were deserted on an island I would want you there.

this lady makes me HAPPY--She is such an uplifting person to be around!
Loved the list~

i think this is the coolest list! reading your list made me really happy because so many of the things that make you happy are things that make me happy too (yoga, a good story, family). i want to write my own list now too. i always think it is so cliche to think about the things that make you happy if you need a mood boost--but the thing is it really does lift spirits!

hey if you need a yoga buddy shoot me an email. this summer i have been thinking of trying out this new teacher in cambridge who is supposed to be just wonderful her name is patrica walden and she teachers iyengar yoga.

Hey Lisle,

I loved this list! Your good humor shines through in your writing. Ix-nay on the self-deprecation re: your creative abilities! This was a delight.

Julie B.

PS -- Nice to have met you Thursday.

I lost the "thread" about Wyoming....I was born in Wyoming in the"dark ages"...I've not met anyone who was born in Wyoming!

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