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June 24, 2009


Nice post Macy.

Thanks, Aaron!

Macy, I love those pictures. I love ALL your pictures. And I'm a guilty confessor. Thanks so much for sharing--maybe we all need to see that perfection isn't the journey, but it's what turns up after you've gone through all the trouble and are sifting through the product at the end of your day.

I loved reading this! My sister-in-law is a photographer too, and has three little boys, 7, 4, and 1, who she loves to take pictures of. I loved, loved, loved reading this.

Beautiful post.
It really is amazing how valuable these photos of us with our loved ones become. I think your self-portrait plan is a good one. I'd love to see what you come up with.
G & his big amazing is that photograph? I love these photos that tell a story in and of themselves. It's been neat to see your photography evolve and go from great to this amazing talent that you so generously share.

Really great pictures, even with your son like that. I would not have given them a second thought. It makes me wonder whether or not we only notice real life in our own photos, or homes, or music and not somebody elses.

Lisle - I love that. Perfection is what turns up at the end of the day. I'm going to quote you on that.

Shelly - Thank you. I'd love to see pictures of your nephews sometime.

Rebecca - You are so kind. And I know you understand the value of a photograph. I thought of you when I was combing scrapbooks for pictures of me with mom.

Amy Jo - I really think you are on to something there. Thanks for sharing it. You've given me something to think about.

Macy, you're so talented! Down to earth and genuine! I love the pictures, and your philosophy about living life instead of blocking it like a show hits deep. Also, a funny/sad tidbit: my family only ever took one family portrait when I was 6 and my sister 18 months. When my dad died, we realized the opportunity missed. People, take pictures and have others take pictures of you!

Macy: You're beautiful. And so is your post! You look so happy~ do hop into more of your pictures.

What a great post!! I am one of those people who don't want my pics taken. Thanks for pointing out the reasons why I should do it.

I am curious about your affirmation that anyone can learn to sing. I would like to sing.You have no idea how many times I have sat in Church and listened to a beautiful alto voice here or a soprano there. Their gift of singing that hymn was nothing less than divine. I have sung to my babies and sung to my gardnen and even to my dog. I love to sing but never in public. So how do you suggest one begins to learn? I don't even read music.

I love how the ruined "perfect" first shot led to many, many PERFECT shots that capture the real beauty of your family. I also appreciate Kate's comment to just "Take pictures." Sometimes I'm too worried about the perfect outfit, background, mood, etc. to just take the picture and save the memory!

Kate - Thank you for your kind words. I definitely agree that people need to take more pictures. It's one of those things we always put off, but wish we'd done more often.

Jenny - Thank you! You made my day! I will definitely be hopping in front of the camera more.

Emily - I'm glad this resonated with you. I'll count on you to join me on the other side of the lens. :)

Bonnie - I absolutely believe everyone has the ability to learn to sing. Beautifully, even. Not everyone will sing at the Met or win American Idol, but we can all sing. It's muscle coordination that comes easier to some than others - like any other physical skill. We can chat further through e-mail. I have a couple of sources to start you off if you are interested.

Janika - I loved your comment. Thank you. We do get caught up in the details sometimes when taking the pictures. I need to continually remind myself that it's important to just take the picture!

Okay - that last comment was from me. I tried to sign in with my Google address and ended up with a website as a name.

Wonderful wonderful! tho it would have been nice to have all happy faces these photos make for a much better story!

pictures are my favorite thing, but I'm guilty of everything Macy said not to worry about.
Love the part where you said, "EMBRACE THE HASSLE"
Looking forward to having you embrace the Lewis family photo fun :)
GREAT post, perfect reminder...THANKS!!!

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