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June 13, 2009


I have nothing deep or substantive to say, just a gushing compliment, "Wow! You are awesome." I love your aesthetic. Your spaces are so livable.

When I finally "make it," I will be your client.

Such beautiful work. Totally inspired. I may end up painting the rooms in my house sooner instead of later.

What an amazing transformation--the rooms are so beautiful. And I love the dock!

You can see what a visual lift Mary Alice physically created in these spaces. Light, air and openness are evident in each room. Couldn't we all use a little more of this not only in our homes but in our lives?

For me, it takes a lot of courage and confidence to do this kind of marvelous transformation to a home or space. Mary Alice definitely have a gift for this work... and you inspire me to trust my own sense of design. After seeing your pictures, I want to think about how I can create some beautiful spaces of my own! (And I just LOVE it that you stood outside the D&D building in NYC with your pictures!)
Thank you!

I know you put your heart into everything you create! I'm so amazed that you can go after your dreams even with a busy family. So many of us (by which I mean me) put things off with the excuse of being to busy with daily tasks. Your story makes me want to do more.

WOW! The sheer power of taking yourself to stand in NY to share something that you have done! Good for you! Good for your kids to see you doing something that makes you feel good! You mentioned that you haven't figured out your dream yet - what you have thought of so far looks pretty great to me. Keep it up - Architectural digest will be coming to you!

Wow! I think Mary Alice transformed her home from 'fine' to 'phenomenal!' It seems to me that when we dare to dream, we actually transform ourselves from feeling 'fine' about our lives to feeling 'phenomenal' about them. Regardless of the results of our dreaming, we truly create something beautiful when we dare to dream.

You are wonderfully talented and tell about your experience beautifully.

Beautiful, you and your spaces! Do you have a blog to post your portfolio?
I love how you start with what you DO know. They say success is where opportunity and experience connect ( something like that ). Before you see the opportunity, you must understand the experience (I'll add "passion" too) within you. I believe dreams evolve as we see opportunities to express our talents. It's a fun journey of discovery to be open to what God and life give you. Keep going atta-girl sister.

What talent! It's hard to believe these are the same spaces! You know who would love these before and after photos is the blog Being a before/after junkie myself, I love going there for inspiration on making my humble abode into something I love. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

This is a person with ridiculous talent. Wow.

The family room. WOW!
My favorite.
Keep creating. It's obviously rewarding to you in a deeper way than financial... but at this rate, your determination and savvy in this area will definitely pay off. Mary Alice's got TALENT.

i have often wondered why it is so important for me to have a visually pleasing living space. sometimes decorating feels frivolous. sometimes it is labor intensive. sometimes you move every few years and it feels like a waste of time and energy.

the conclusion i have come to is that it is important to create beautiful space because beauty inspires, beauty comforts and beauty brings people together. those are all things i want people to feel when they come into my home. those feelings far outweigh the hassle or expense that decorating occasionally involves.

anyway this is all to say, i think the work you do is important (and i love your style)!

Mary Alice, WOW! That is amazing.

As for the questions, I have to say that I really believe that a lot of what makes something beautiful is the amount of effort we put into it. Isn't beauty always determined by the beholder?

I appreciate the lift and light you provide your working spaces. It reminds me of the lift and light staying true to my beliefs gives me. We create who we are by what we believe and who we can be by sheer effort. It's obvious of the effort you've extended. Everything is beautiful.

Thanks for creating beauty, light and harmony for so many lives. You are truly talented working with wood and paint but also with hearts and people.

As I read your story I could almost see your sense of pride and accomplishment after the meeting with the Architectural Digest editor. I know that feeling. I don't have the training in design that you do, but my husband and I have had so much fun (and frustration) remodeling our first home. It is such a great feeling when we have guests who sincerely tell us we have a beautiful home.

One of my favorite compliments was when my 18 year old daughter had a birthday party and, after visiting our guest bathroom, one of her male guests came out and exclaimed, "You HAVE to see this bathroom!" He didn't know I was in the kitchen and could hear the ohhs and ahhs from all of the teenagers. I thought it was so funny (and flattering) that an 18-year-old guy would be so enthusiastic about our bathroom!

You have the wonderful ability to infuse spaces with positive energy and beauty. I love the light, clean look you created. There seems to be space there to think or to dream, away from distractions. Since I am a person who appreciates beautiful design and my taste is similar to yours, it was a great pleasure to read your entry and see the photos. Thanks for sharing!

I loved this! Mary Alice you are so talented and you are so loved. I enjoyed reading all the comments and seeing how you have obviously touched lives the way you have touched design projects. And having stayed at your beautiful home I can say it really is amazing!


I LOVE the idea of you standing in line at the D&D building. This is a side of you that I don't know, and it sort of thrills me to find treasure in a familiar place.

To reiterate what someone else said, I love the idea that you put yourself out there so boldly. That's an inspiration. Way to go!

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