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June 16, 2009


I'll be really interested in reading your book, as well as your book to be when my children are all in school as well. You've inspired me to put more of my think-its down with ink.

I am not sure what to suggest about how to make Melissa's dreams happen, except "keep going."

You have inspired me to write-it-down. I keep saying I will do that...

I'm wondering, did you only "ink" once? Did you even remember writing them down? How much can we accomplish with our subconscious? If I had any idea what to do, or how to do it after being a SAHM, I'd tell you. I'm still happily staying home (as I near my 150,000 mile mark on the suburban), but someday my kids'll be gone and I'll probably need help then. Think your book will be finished?

Your book sounds very interesting. I spent some time at your blog today, and found the purpose and perspective to be truly supportive.

I appreciated the wisdom you shared in this post. Inking dreams does make them seem more real and purposeful. Great advice!

I love this phrase. It is catchy and sounds kind of fun--which is what goal setting should be. I just "inked" a WHOLE wack of stuff! Thanks for inspiring me to get down to it.

I've found that the "Don't just think it, ink it" concept is a very effective tool for accomplishing goals. So much so, that because I struggle with a fear of commitment, sometimes I really resist 'inking' something because it becomes all the more real (therefore, scary for me), once it's written down. So, good for you for having the courage to 'ink' your goals in such a public forum, and good luck achieving them!

My dad was always big on writing down our goals. Every week we had a 'Sunday session' where we'd review our yearly and monthly goals in order to come up with some priority goals for the week.....a little overboard maybe, but I'm so thankful to have learned the importance of writing things down. I think that most dreams are first 'spiritually/mentally' created before they become real....

Hello Ladies: Thank you all for your comments.

SADYI: Wow! Maybe your Dad came up with "Don't just think it, ink it."

RACHAEL: Yes, I really put myself out there by making my two goals public. (Yikes!) Fortunately I didn't put a time frame.

MERCEDES: Glad I inspired you to write down your goals.

REBECCA: Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

LISLE: In answer to your question. That exercise was the first and only time I "inked" goals so specifically like that. Prior to finding the notes I did remember having participated in the activity in the class (we had to discuss our goals with a classmate), but I'd forgotten what the precise goals were and that I had written them down.

DANA: Thanks for the encouragement.

AMY: I'm glad you're inspired to ink your think-its, and I do hope you read the book.

As for book #2. My former publisher is passing on the book due to massive staff reductions and a greatly reduced book list. I'm trying to find an agent who will help me find a new publisher. The book biz is a tough nut for non-celebs to crack.

Inspiring. I really need to ink some dreams of my own. I saw a quote from Peter Walsh the other day that had to do with organizing, but it applies here, I think. He said that our brains are for coming up with ideas, not for storing them. We need to write our ideas down. Same thing with our dreams and goals.

This couldn't be morely timely. It seems like balancing work and family is THE question of our generation. Well said Melis

I ink my goals often; in the form of to-do lists and motivational posters--it does help, but since the audience is the people who pass by the refrigerator, I feel less threatened if I don't actually follow through with one of my goals. I don't know if I'm ready to really put it out there... Good luck with your newest list! GO Melissa!

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