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July 25, 2009


ohhh Mothering GUILT!
We do need to make sure we aren't neglecting our needs as we take care of everyone around us.
It's like the oxygen mask on airplanes...make sure YOU'RE good, so you can help others.
great post, thanks!

Beautifully written. Angela, your children are so fortunate to have such a talented (your jewelry is AMAZING), creative and wise mother.
I don't think I realized the importance of nurturing myself as an individual until last January when you hosted the Resolutionary Challenge, Whitney. It was eye opening to see how happy it made me to spend some "me" time (even if it was just 15 minutes) everyday.
Not only is nurturing ourselves healthy for us, but for our children also. A few years ago when I did my first Sprint triathlon, my children had so much fun cheering me on, as I cheer them on in all that they strive to accomplish. I think children actually love seeing their parents going after their dreams because it shows them that they too can dream big and achieve.
Thanks for sharing, Angela!

Thanks! It's always good to know there are others who feel like me. after deciding to be a stay at home mom I feel the need to be myself in every way that I can.

Angela has been an inspiration to me since I discovered her blog. I have left her countless comments of how do you do it all? Thank you so much for sharing her feelings with us. I believe they will be very helpful to all. xxx kim

Wow! Amazing Angela. You inspired me to have a couple more children AND keep pursuing my interests. Thank you!

Just taking the time to write all of this down is such a fabulous gift to your children. Thank you for sharing the lessons learned so we can all learn as well.

I'm still wondering how you do it all! You must be truly organized!

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to Whitney for giving me the opportunity to guest post And a big thanks to those who stopped to read my thoughts on guilt. I have enjoyed reading all of the positive comments and feel so fulfilled to have touched on a point that seems to hit home for other Mothers. It's nice to know, "We're not ALONE!"

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