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July 05, 2009


I've had to completely re-invent the way I write due to our home circumstances. I'm much more flexible now, and can turn the muse on and off in a way that seemed impossible to me before. We can break through barriers--especially those that are self-imposed--if our dream is compelling enough.

Great way of looking at the situation Whitney. I have looked at things differently and mostly in a good way since last fall. There may be a big change in how our family operates. I'll keep you posted.

Lack so often leads to scarcity thinking. I can't, I don't, I haven't. And yet, it can lead us to the absolute opposite - creativity and total paradigm shifts. I am working on the latter!

I loved the guest blogging series last month. So much wisdom and insight.

My husband and I were discussing this the other day and he said to me, "I still believe in the American Dream." We have had to make hard choices in our short nearly eight years together. Some of the choices have been outright risky, others just tough decisions such as going without some of the luxuries in life (Satellite or cable TV, eating out, etc.). We have learned that as long as we do everything prayerfully we have always been led to make the right decisions. And as long as we're careful we always find a way to get by and pay off our debt.

It is for this reason, to innovate, that we are again starting a new phase in our lives. We don't like to be limited in our growth potential, and although he has a very successful career in the medical field it's time for us to take it in a new direction. We believe, as I think most Dreamers do, that you must take your chances in life when they present themselves.

It is my hope that in this economic climate we can pull together as a country and show why the American Dream is still alive and doing well.

For me relearning delayed gratification has been a relief. More time at the library rather than shopping, reassessing needs, wants, and dreams has all been healthy for myself and for my family. It feels like fine tuning life; focusing on what matters most & making sure my energy is in line with what I value most & what I want to accomplish most in life.
Great post, Whitney. I'm going to link it on FB.

You know I'm a fan of innovative disruption :) and i think that looking for solutions outside of the box are really the only ways to find solutions that will fix things. throwing more money or more of the same at something is not going to bring the change we are looking for.

I think my "disruption" was picking up and moving as we've already discussed. Not everyone has that luxury. I'm still looking for ways to market myself and my skills but still allow me the freedom to "work" where I want and accomplish what I want.

Love the site! I'm so glad you found me via Twitter so I could find your site. You might also enjoy checking out my other site, Hope Springs Internal (www. hopespringsinternal. com -- sorry to write it out that way but I didn't know if will stop the post if there's a link in this comment). I'm adding your site to my RSS feeder. :)

What a wonderful perspective! I'm going to be noticing the gifts in disruptions.

I love this post, Whitney. I have spent a lot of time thinking about "disruption" as we have designed our business and our software product. I think I have not spent nearly enough time thinking about actively plotting disruption in my personal and "dare to dream" lives. (Plenty of disruption forces itself upon us, but that may be different!)

Sort of exciting to think about...

Interestingly, 1816 has been dubbed the "Year without Summer" for the unusally cold summer that year. The write-up in wikipedia lists some very interesting results of the year--people making important innovations as a response to such severe weather.

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