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August 09, 2009


Whenever I think of you and the care that you provided me and my family this summer...I get teary. You were my angel, my best friend, you still are. I wasn't always easy to care for...I know that, but you NEVER showed anything but pure love and charity. I love you dear sister and thank you.

Amy, what a great essay! You are a gem. I can't imagine doing what you did, WITH your six boys in tow... what an amazing summer of charity. I know that you are showing your boys the true meaning of loving service. What a tremendous gift. And welcome home.

I had the gift of caring for my aunt 10 years ago for three months as she prepared to die from lung cancer. We nursed her at home and I was her primary carer. I had no children or husband to concern myself with. And only did nights for the last week or two. I learned more about myself than I ever had to that point. I remember thinking at the time that it was relatively easy to do this for someone I deeply loved but that true charity would be to have the capacity to do it for anyone. Not sure I could. But I am so grateful I got the chance for Chrys. I still miss her desperately. Amy, I have a small insight in to your experience, and as always, am in awe of caregivers. Thank you for sharing your opportunity and blessing with us.

This past winter my husband and I took in my mother-in-law (Alzheimer's) while we considered more permanent arrangements. Her care fell almost entirely to me, although she and I were oil and water (to put it mildly). Despite our prior disagreements, I was the one who insisted she move in with us. I had received one of those rare lightning bolts of inspiration that told me I was "it" for her. I can't claim that it was charity. It was simply something I had to do. She passed away quite unexpectedly in May (a blessing for all involved, not least for her). When she died, I felt a literal physical burden lift from my shoulders. I had not appreciated how heavy the burden was, nor that I had received divine help in carrying it. In 2 Nephi 2:2, Lehi's dying words to Jacob are that God "shall consecrate thine afflications for thy gain." After this experience, these words (which I had never noticed before) pierced my heart. When we experience specific trials, we also receive specific blessings to manage them. Our capacities expand to bear our burdens.

I have watched as mother mother's life has increasingly revolved around caring for my 97 year old grandmother. She often remarks it is like having a new baby only harder becasue you can't just take them with you where ever you go. I am amazed at the stamina it requires. I love those questions you ask Amy Jo.

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