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September 21, 2009


I'm so glad you posted about this. It's more than pretty good - it's great. So fascinating to hear you tell your own story. I absolutely loved it, and I love what Lookilulu is doing.

Terrific podcast; I'm so glad I listened. It gave me a lift this morning.

That was wonderful! You answered so many of the questions I have been wanting to ask you. As usual you inspired me. Thank you for sharing yourself. I LOVE what Lookilulu is doing!

I haven't listened yet, but I will. I just wanted to comment that you already fill that void in my life. You do an amazing job helping all of us dare to dream. I'm a girl, albeit not a teenager, but our dreams don't change, they're just altered. Good for them to want to help their girls, but better for you to empower people to change.

Thanks Whitney! You truly are inspiring and helping us all dare to dream.

what a great interview...and rather than fizzling out as longer interviews can sometimes do, the last several minutes were amongst my favorite. such a treat to get to know YOU better! warmly, -melanie-

Thank you for your encouraging, supportive words.

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