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October 27, 2009


Fantastic post and a great take!
It's important to remember your audience when pitching - additionally, knowing how to pitch and catch in negotiations such that you are 'playing the game' versus a spectator are important lessons before you enter the board room.
Great angle Whitney!

Finding out what others need and matching what you have to offer is applicable everywhere in life. It will lead to more win-wins than just knowing what you want. Thanks for the reminder. I will be askng this question. I also loved the links to posts I had missed. Thanks!

Whitney, I really appreciate the way you have expanded our understanding of business with this post. I probably won't watch this show, but with your insights it's fascinating. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talents.

And at our house, my 10 and 7 year old daughters are newly hooked and wouldn't leave the house for a playdate because they were so into the negotiations. They also love to play Cashflow, So that may just be them. ;)

A friend of mine was recently pitching to VCs and angels. She and her (female)partner, both well-educated (HBS grads) were (are) discouraged at how hard it is for women to be taken seriously (and their prodcut is even completely gender neutral). One (female) judge of a business plan competition they entered told them not to wear skirts. So, certainly in this area, it still is a man's world.

Interesting. About 70% of my start up funds were provided by men. Also, men gave me the most feedback throughout the development of my business plan and the subsequent leap into starting the business. Each of "my men" was a great listener, and asked me important, probing questions to make sure they a) fully understood my vision and b) could offer the most relevant feedback.

None of them jumped up and down, squealed and hugged me like my female advisers and backers did when I shared my plan.

How grateful I am to have had both types of supporters!

Very interesting, indeed!!! I had didn't even think of it that way.

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