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October 31, 2009


definitely leslie artistry, which i love. she's the one who wrote me and said i'd probably enjoy your blog. she was right. glad you two could work together on this! good luck to you both!

These designs are terrific! I think it's amazing that you've looked in a new direction and found, once again, that you are more than you thought. This reminds me of the handless maiden post. I'm also not surprised that you had the vision given your experiences sewing as a child and, more recently, working with a tailor on a custom made dress for a special event. I love that you have worked with Leslie in realizing your vision. Congratulations!

We do dream together. Today, I'll be substituting a Sunday school class, so my friend can run the last 6 miles of the New York City Marathon with another friend of ours who is fulfilling her dream. That's how we roll. it! And your designs are darling. Maybe I should do a room design challenge/contest? How about it?
I have been overwelmed lately with dreams and not enough time. And with my husband out of work, I have to pursue the paying gigs -- also dreams now being realized -- but I have little time for the really big dreams that don't have immediate payback, or "paycheck" rather. A media-producer friend recommended I get an intern, in public relations or marketing, to promote my ideas. That is what she does since she is a busy mom and producer of a popular radio program. I have about 2 hours a week -- Friday afternoon or evenings work best, or any day early or late -- I could spend with an intern via phone, email or in person, then send her (could be a "him", I guess) on her way for the week to write my book, and promote designHop, me...etc. I'd give her a cut on anything that materializes and a nice reference...etc. or can talk other terms. I am going to try this. Anyone know someone needing an internship or experience, a powerhouse promoter/writer type?

They are gorgeous designs. I would buy both, easily.

Isn't it amazing what a little encouragement and teamwork can accomplish?

Whitney! Lovely designs! I love the black and white one! the collar is amazing! I'm so glad she encouraged! simple and stunning! just like you!

Those are amazing! Good for you on getting those in your head well enough to get them out on paper through someone else. My family loves Leslie. I'm glad you've met, collaborated, and enjoyed that process together. At this stage in my life I'm all about dare to dream teams!

Love both of the designs! I hope they get picked, because I will have easy access to them if they get produced (but I promise I won't influence the outcome...)

Collaboration is a great thing, esp. among women. One reason I love your blog is that the atmosphere is so supportive and positive. Kudos on your designs... both are very pretty designs and very wearable. They actually look like they were fun to conceptualize. :)

Beautiful designs--I can absolutely envision you wearing either of them! You have a great eye for fashion!

LOVE your designs!
I would love to wear the cocktail dress--so feminine and lovely~

I LOVE it!!! It's classy but still and you can change it up with accessories.

The designs are quite gorgeous. It's great that you decided to do something like this. It's more or less a great creative exercise, and win or lose, you’ve opened up a new field that you can work on if you wanted to. Cheers to ya!

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