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October 07, 2009


Fascinating and enlightening! I found myself watching segment after segment, and learning some important lessons. Thanks for sharing this.

Whitney the video streams are not available in Canada yet. I would have loved to have been able to watch and understood what you were writing about. My own observation of how women negotiate seems to be driven by desired outcome more than who wins.

Very interesting and informative. Pretty housewife was especially interesting to watch--she chose her dress well! I don't use feminine wiles, even though they are obviously effective. (I'm not saying I wouldn't use them--they're just not part of my vocabulary.) Having said that, pretty housewife had done her work and her homework--they liked the fact that she was tough and prepared, qualities which just increased her attractions. The gentlemen were bowled over by the combination of substance and style. They also got into a bidding war, where beating each other took priority over what pretty housewife actually offered. The female shark was wise to get out, but she made a mistake in being somewhat snarky about it. Telling pretty housewife to her face that the men were fighting over here simply because she was pretty was unnecessary. Why do women immediately jump into competition mode with one another? The guys do it, too, but women are fighting over a smaller economic pie. It seems to me that supporting one another (entrepreneur and investor, mother and professional) will ultimately be to our mutual benefit.

First, professionalism ladies! My mother used to say that I would minimize my 'product' - my personal brand - when acted like a 'silly teen' by either: becoming emotional, shrugging my shoulders, speaking with a high pitched tone, not wearing a 'power outfit' etc. All of the women in these clips violated these rules, and to me, diminished their product/brand.

Second, CONTROL. If you have an idea and need someone to help you finance/advertise/distribute that concept, how much control are you willing to let go of to gain access to capital/experience of others? In the Pretty Housewife example, if 2 men came in, even at 50% it would still be 2 on 1 in terms of decision making. In the Coverplay example, the men wanted a controlling interest as well and Barbara was right, never give up control.

Lastly, Barbara, while tough, can forget how to play graciously with women who have different tactics. The Pretty Housewife had a tactic, I thought it cheapened her product, but Barbara did not need to 'publicize' that for her own gain. We all use differnt tools to get what we want, we should just keep in mind what the intended and unintended consequences might be...

Pity, not available to view in the UK either. Hulu message was...."For now, Hulu is a U.S. service only..."

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