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October 15, 2009


Oh I'd love to see it- right up my professional alley- Boston!

I'm in Boston.

Incidentally I am a SAHM that works 12 hours a week (mostly) from home. And if I win I'll have to skip a meeting...pick me, pick me!


I'm in Boston and would love to escape my life for an evening....but wait, would it be an escape?

I wish I could go, but I will be preparing a presentation on competitive federalism and the market for advantageous law. (I know--sounds fascinating--but it actually is!) However, I will make a point of seeing this (and taking all my girlfriends).

I really appreciate your comment about the power of the dollar. I take this to heart, not only when it comes to motherhood but also other social (mainly conservative) values I hold. If we really did vote with our wallets, we would have tremendous power, especially in opposing the muck Hollywood produces.

I'd love to see this in Boston!

Boston for me!


Los Angeles -- please!

I'd love to go see this is Boston! I have a 16 month old daughter and am 12 weeks pregnant with twins. I could use a night out!

San Francisco.

I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Uma looks a lot like you in that photo, Whitney. Gorgeous!


Thank you to all of you for playing:

Using, and posting your names in the order that comments were received, the winners are:

Boston -- Ellen
LA -- Madeleine
NY -- Luisa
SF -- Alice

Woohoo! Thanks!

Know nothing about the movie, would love to see it here in NYC--would it be appropriate to take a 15 year old daughter to see on the big screen, rather than up close and personal, what she is hopefully in for one day?

Yes, Whitney, I thought Uma was you, too.

Thanks for the comment on Consequential Strangers and the Women of Personality project!

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