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November 29, 2009


i learned to embrace my DH completely, even though some of the changes he's made during the course of our lives haven't been ones i wanted him to make. i realized that withholding any of my love for him from him (in an effort to bring about changes i wanted to see) wasn't right, and that unconditional love didn't mean i endorse those things, but that i respect him and his agency, and the great guy he is, and the wonderful husband and father. it's hard to allow changes that feel threatening, but learning to love what comes has been freeing.

i loved this article.

"Feel the charge that comes with change."

I love it. I've never thought of it as an energy source before. But it absolutely is. Thank you, Amanda.

I was in a completely down mood recently due to an opportunity that had gone astray. Changing around my living room completely revitalized me. I learned that trick from my mum. My living area is frequently changing and people are always surprised. It just gives me so much more energy when I've changed things around.

It changes perspective, changes energy, everything. Nice article.

Great piece. I was actually thinking about the things I thrive on and they are creativity and change. I think it was growing up with a dad in the military and moving every 2 years or so, adapting to new situations and embracing change became a way of life. People remark that it must have been difficult moving so much, but I tell them it was great. All that change really taught me how to ride the waves of life, and taught me not to be afraid of whats ahead because looking back you can see all the good that came from changes in the past.
Thanks for reminding me to capitalize on the energy of change in small ways. I do that alot with my art, it's the energy of starting a new series that yields the best work.

LOVE it! Change is good. Painful, maybe, but good. And we all need it. I need it.

Thank you!

I was thinking about changing the way I approach "strangers" at random locations, such as the grocery store. I couldn't stop thinking about what a difference eye contact and really listening make. Your article is great. There is a definite charge that comes from a change, even if it's just changing into a fresh set of clothes. Love it.

I love change. I am always looking for that next house to live in or the next job. You put it into words for me - I love the charge it gives me. Thanks!

That is a great post! I am always up for change. I actually prefer change to the dull and mundane. Change IS good!

Change is a necessary charge for our batteries of life. It propels us onward adn upward. Good post. I was just thinking about how I am so creative in helping others get things done, but not in allowing myself to dream.

I love change, but I had not connected it to the energy it brings. Thanks for a great post.

I love making changes by getting rid of stuff. One of my quick-change tricks is clearing out my bookshelves to make room for new ideas. The more stuff I get rid off, the more excited I feel about opening my mind and changing myself.

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