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November 21, 2009


This past weekend my book club group went to the mountains for a retreat. While there, Liz Sullivan who is an accomplished painter, brought out her paints, gave us each a 4 x 4 canvas and coached us through our first painting. One removed herself entirely from the project due to stress of failure. The rest of us slugged is out - brushing, mixing, questioning our instructor. Several hours later we examined our finished products. I like mine. My friends like it too. And they like theirs. Really. And early this morning as I drove eastward I could see the sun emitting its light above the mountains. I considered how I might show that on canvas. I thought about blending the colors and how much I would love to capture that feeling the sunrise gives me. I am so grateful for my friend's coaching, for all of us allowing ourselves to create and to risk failure. To risk success. And as I glance up tonight and view my picture, I wonder what other things are inside of me waiting for expression?

What a provocative question: I wonder what other things are inside of me waiting for expression?

All because you spent a few hours slugging it out doing something you had never done before -- a door is now slightly ajar to a new world.

"Spark of Creation" is one of my favorite musical theatre pieces. Eve (yes, that one) sings of her desire to "make or discover, to build or uncover a thing that I can call my celebration of the spark of creation." Making something or causing something to happen marks that I am alive and this is how I feel or think about something right now. It may give form to our pain in a way that lets us comprehend it and/or move on. It can expand our personal confidence and our alertness to the abundance of life. What I create, organize or cause to happen is an expression of my ever changing self.

I had never heard of this song. What a perfect endnote to Elizabeth's post. Thank you for sharing Emily.

last summer leslie white graff came and held "studio night" in her friend's garage near me, inviting any who so desired to join her for an evening of painting.

about 10 showed up, and for me it was a first using acrylic paints. i was struggling and frustrated, but under her tutelage we finally struck upon an idea for my project that pleased me, and i genuinely like the finished product.

that one night cracked a door open on creativity that has been growing and growing ever since. i've tried my hand at wood carving and a few other new-to-me creative pursuits that have been really satisfying. my poor friends and family have been the recipients of my output, but it's been fun to experience enjoyment in new things.

i appreciated this article because it puts so eloquently into words some of my feelings about the process of finding creativity within. thank you!

okay- I love those pictures because they look like things at my house (only it was potato chips on the carpet being fed to the plastic animals!) I love creative play!
I thrive on creativity. I am always doing something- as I worked through 7 miscarriages my art began to take on a different role. I realized the salvation that this "generative" coping was for me.

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