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November 21, 2009


Thanks Whitney, for inspiring me yet again.

I recently gave a tough talk to a friend who has been languishing in "limbo-land" for over a year. Typically, my approach to friends struggling with decisions about their life's direction is to just listen, empathize, and even encourage them to go with the flow - that the "answer" will surface.

I took the opposite approach in this case - it was a smackdown, as in, "Something must change, if you want to change." Turns out it was exactly what was needed.

Even though it was undoubtedly difficult for my friend to hear that tough talk, I believe that when we deliver that tough talk without ego and full of love, it turns out all right.

Excellent article, Whitney. I love the bit about how sometimes the only safe harbor we have is our convictions--all the more reason to have them, and be confident in them.

Those pesky walls keep creeping up. The DTD message is always a reminder to tear them down and live in my convictions. That's why I keep coming back. I need to hear that over and over again.

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