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November 01, 2009


What a tender post--the fact that we recently had a similar experience in our family makes your words resonate with me even more than they usually would. Oh, and I LOVE that photo of Miranda--she is a darling girl!

That IS a lovely picture of Miranda. I love to listen to your children, Whitney, because I've learned that they really do think hard before they speak. And that they're true to what they personally believe, because they've sorted it out on their own. It's a great thing they've learned from their parents, and I love that they've 'got it' so young!

Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm glad my family could be so involved when I can't. She's a great girl. I love being around her independence. It's a fun thing to see who our kids pick. Hunter chose Chris Boyce as a speaker, because he loved when he substituted once or twice. Random, but he had been influenced by a good man.

What a wonderful way to make that milestone exactly what it is supposed to be by having Miranda choose all the details AND being the one to ask those involved. Brilliant, Whitney.

Absolutely beautiful! I love the comparison to Psyche.

My son will be baptized this coming spring and I think asking him who/what/where are great ideas (and consistent with the idea that he is making big choices!)

I hope Miranda had an excellent birthday! She is growing up so fast but I love that she's maintaining the wonderment and tenderness of childhood magic within her. I think that's the goal... listening to and trusting that voice inside. In that lies the magic and the wisdom!

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MIRANDA. biggest kiss to you, lanola kathleen :)

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