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December 30, 2009


I always get sad at the end of the year too. It's the reminder of the finite-ness of time, the passing of a piece of my life. It slips away so imperceptibly each day, the end of the year requires it's accounting...

I do always try to think of my "end of year evolutions" as I approach new resolutions and take stock of all the good things, memories, and growth that came out of the previous year.

Love that Leslie.

End of year evolutions.


This past year has been so rich with abundance - I can hardly believe it. Like you, however, I've been depressed these last few days.

I am struggling to believe that I can have even more this next year or that my steady abundance will simply continue. I'm doubting my ability to sustain hope.

I am usually saddened by the knowledge that my children are another year older. Although watching them grow is so wonderful, knowing that they can't be "little" forever makes me sad. The time is going by so fast. I'd love for it to slow down. :D

I feel it, too, but I hope it's because we're on the brink of something big and new, deep and meaningful. (And a contributing factor to the new year blues may be that I just came down with a bad cold tonight, ah!)

I always feel that sense of loss more at the end of a school year, and also at the beginning of another school year. I seem to mark the passing of time -- and their lives, especially -- by those events more. (This is all the more poignant as I have wanted more children but have not been able to have more.)

I like the notion of new year's evolutions, Leslie. Love it, actually.

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